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Like it or not Social Media is here to stay, encompassing Blogging, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

With the advent of paid advertising, specific geographic and demographic targeting many social chanels have grown in significance as marketing tools.

Social media marketing has become more achievable and often more cost effective than search marketing. Never more so than if the bugets are constricted and every pound spend has to bring a return.

Managing your social media profile, gaining feedback, fans likes, shares etc are all signals to search engines that, whilst not a direct influence on search ranking,social signals are being used by search engines to help define authenticity and on-line credibility. Thereby ignoring the impact of social media is unwise.






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Social media is a major part of brand protection, after all a brand being attacked and not protected will damage the prospect of future sales.

Social media can be very time consuming so in addition we provide a "fill-in" service, which helps to build extra relevant content into your profile posts to keep your activity profile higher.

Of course social media can be done by external agencies, but it is always best done from within the organisation.

We can not only get you started but also show you how to construct, manage and monitor your social media activity to maximum effect.

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