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Search Marketing has become far more than the pursuit of organic search results.

And whilst still considered important, PPC (pay per click) is still a very necessary part of keyword validation, pre-SEO keyword ROI analysis and of course traffic.

However traditional search engines are not the only place that searches take place. Whilst Google may have over 10,000 million searches per month, Ebay receives 700 million and Amazon 300 million.

Google's Adwords is often considered the primary PPC platform, but Facebook can easily present 1 million page view adverts per day.

We will help clients explore the various on-line avenues to market, depending on their specific requirements and product portfolio.




SEO / PPC Online Training Courses

Training courses can be either at our Stafford offices, or at a client premises. These take three forms;

A General Guide to Internet Marketing

Bespoke Training and Consultancy

Bespoke Training Project

A days training in SEO best practice, hands on, working on actual participant sites. This course also provides the reassurance of 3 months remote "hand holding".

Search Engine marketing for Large Corporations

Our service for large corporations have marked us out from the crowd, not least because of our hands-on, transparent approach to not only search marketing, but social media and email marketing ultimately producing results.

Working with us means the dedicated, face to face involvement of one or more of our senior executives

Search Engine marketing for Small to Medium Organisations

The number of SME companies that are disappointed with their Web Site performance is distressingly high. Much of this may be due to poor marketing performance, calls to action or confused message delivery.

Our SME service is specially tailored to provide competitive results for smaller organisations.

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